Feeling two feelings at once

Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood always does catchy teachable jingles, and one was about feeling two feelings at the same time, which got me thinking, I feel two feelings a LOT, and oftentimes they are in direct opposition to one another.  

I feel impatient for my son to grow up to start school so I can be free, yet feel sad whenever I see a school bus or think about him leaving.

I feel lonely and crave genuine friendship and connection, yet feel shy and intimidated in social settings (MOPS, the playground, the library, etc).

I feel like God chose me to be a mom, yet feel insecure and lost in raising a kid.

I feel that motherhood is a noble and worthy profession, yet feel discontent and under-valued to stay home.

I feel like I need to get out of the house and go and do things, yet feel less satisfied and fulfilled when I’m always on the go.

I feel like I’m a pretty organized planner, yet feel the unexpected, spontaneous surprises are more fun.

I feel like I keep the house clean and in order, yet feel like my house is too small and a mess.

I feel like I’m constantly picking up toys and books, yet feel like what’s the use when they get dumped out one second later.

I feel like I need me time (blogging, running, reading) yet feel guilty when I get it.

I feel like I cook all the time and never get takeout or go out, then feel enormously lucky when my husband helps cook on the weekends for me (yay grilling!).

I feel like I am so blessed, and yet I lose that perspective every day.

What conflicting feelings do you feel, and how do you cope?



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