Pregnancy Running

This is my second pregnancy running, and it is by far the hardest.  I ran up until 34 weeks with my first, and did a 10K at 30 weeks no problem, but now at 18 weeks I’m finding it difficult to crank out 3 miles at a snail’s pace.  What changed for me I believe is my body.  I started showing much sooner the second time around, and slowed my pace to accommodate for it, which led to lesser miles.  Still, just moving according to my doctor is beneficial.  Here are some pregnancy tips for keeping fit.

  • Move, no matter how slow!  Simply getting out there for 30 min-1 hour to exercise the body also exercises the brain.  Not only does it increase the health of the baby, it provides the psychological release that’s good for mama.  No matter the pace, even a slow jog is better than no jog at all.  I’m not competing right now, I’m caring for my baby.  I need to remember that as a competitive runner.
  • Add a jogging stroller run to your routine.  Although I much prefer running without it, when I do have the jogging stroller it increases my hand eye coordination and makes it a different challenge by adding weight that I have to push (while also entertaining my rider).  Mixing it up a bit keeps me on my toes so to speak.
  • Give yourself grace.  Grace to slow down, grace to go easy, grace to not compete in races, grace to have such a prominent fitness routine not be the focus anymore.  It’s not about you and your running ability when pregnant, it’s all about the health and safety of your baby.
  • Let your kid see your fitness routine.  Let them see you in your gym clothes.  Let them watch you head out the door and greet a sweaty, post-workout you when you return.  Model for them health and fitness, and they’ll be more likely to imitate you.
  • Mix it up a bit.  Although I am an avid runner, when pregnant I add prenatal yoga and swimming to my regime.  Yoga stretches and relaxes me.  Swimming, especially in the third trimester, makes my huge belly feel weightless.  And when all else fails, walking also counts.

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