Do you address God like a whiny or adoring child?

Before my son uttered his first word, I longed for the day when he could say my name, my title, mama or mommy.  “Just you wait,” my friends with talking kids warned, “You will wish your son couldn’t talk, because once he starts, he never stops.”  Well that day arrived, and so did the incessant stream of “mama” or “mommy” over and over throughout the day, all day, every day long.  It’s not just when he needs/wants something, it’s as if he enjoys simply babbling my title all the time.  It’s relentless.  It tests my patience.  Sometimes I cheerfully acknowledge it, “what baby?” Sometimes I flat out ignore it.  But then the volume and speed increases, and I know I need to address it.  “Stop!” I plead to no avail.  The synonyms are as annoying as they sound:

ceaselessunceasingconstantcontinualunabatinginterminableendlessunendingnever-endingeverlastingeternalperpetualcontinuousnonstop, around/round-the-clock, uninterruptedunbrokenunremittingpersistentrelentless

Does that describe your toddler?  It’s ironic how much I longed to hear my son say my name, and now how I nearly dread it.  But there are the endearing instances where my son lovingly and joyfully cries “mama!” and comes running to me and flies into my arms. Those mama cries are the sweetest.

It got me thinking, how my son constantly cries out my name is how God hears His children crying out to Him?  We can call Him Abba, Father (Romans 8:15) because of His precious son, but how do we sound when we’re constantly appealing to Him, crying “Daddy, do this for me!” “Daddy, I need this!” “Daddy, I want this!”  “Daddy, watch me!” Are our cries music to His ears, or a dull clamor of complaint?  Of course He hears us, He inclines His ear to, and He forebears with us due to His steadfast love, but I wonder how often we address Him out of sheer love and devotion versus out of a demanding plea or cry for help.  As a perfect parent, our Heavenly Father will not respond impatiently, and I try to model a patient response to my son as well.  But not always, not like my Abba Father can.  Of course I want to meet my son’s needs, but not always comply with his wants.  Does he need a third snack in a row, or does he want it? Is it good for him to have that third snack? In the same way, our Father always gives us what we need, but not always what we want right this second.

  • Are you crying out to your Heavenly Father like a whiny child or an adoring one?

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